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Joan of Arc Workshop

A while ago I did a little Joan of Arc inspired photoshoot with one of my good friends. I wanted to do something that wasn’t super feminine but more leaning to the side of a strong, powerful woman. I made the gown out of some curtains and made the armor out of about 20 necklaces and we went to a horse pasture and started shooting. I knew while I was shooting it that this was going to be exactly what I was picturing in my head. When I got home I posted the photos and they went viral! So many people were asking me to do a Joan of Arc inspired workshop and now that Im back to doing workshops again, I think the time has come! Im going to do a FULL workshop inspired by my Joan of Arc photoshoot! I have lots of insane ideas that I can’t tell you yet, but heres a little glimpse of what Im thinking… Imagine a shot of the “Bride” (Joan of Arc) and her “bridesmaids” all on horses, in armor, holding bouquets of flowers in one hand and a sword in the other….;)


This is everything this workshop will include:

  • An engagement shoot
  • A single portrait shoot with just the bride
  • A fully styled wedding
  • Small shooting groups of no more than 5 people, I guarantee you that you WILL get the shot every time. If you didn’t I will make sure you do.
  • Tips and tricks on how to get published
  • Exactly how I style shoots
  • A portfolio review from me (if you want to, this isn’t mandatory)
  • A full photography makeup lesson where you can learn exactly how to do your own shoot makeup yourself
  • An intense editing and retouching lesson
  • My 15 part editing tutorial that you can download and rewatch as many times as you want, this way you don’t have to worry about taking notes during the editing lesson
  • Everything that I do from inquiry to delivery for all of my clients
  • Easy ways on how to gain a stronger following on social media
  • All of my settings on my camera for every shot I take
  • How to market yourself to the global industry and book clients outside of your local area
  • Use all of the photos you take to build your portfolio and social media outlets
  • Tricks on how to style shoots on a small budget
  • A walk through on how I light my sets and Ill even show you how to make your own lights
  • A full walk through on how and why I pose the models
  • Tricks on how to find trends before they actually become trends
  • How to find inspiration for shoots
  • A walk through of my contract
  • How to use my photo sharing software and booking software
  • A walk through on how to submit to a publication
  • Dinner both nights
  • And sooo much more

This workshop will be held in Shreveport, Louisiana on August 5-6, 2018. The investment is $1000 BUT if you sign up within the 1st 48 hours, the investment is 50% off! Making this entire workshop only $500! Half is due at registration, the other half is due 30 days before the workshop. Once its full the workshop will be closed, so think fast! The registration will open on March 25th at 12pmC on the Three Nails Photography Facebook page and on this blog. Once this link is posted, all you have to do is fill out the form and pay the first half and the seat is all yours! 


Im not just giving away one seat, Im giving away THREE! Thats right, one lucky will will not only get a seat for just them but will also get a seat for 2 of their friends!! All you have to do to enter is share this blog post, or the announcement post on Facebook as many times as you like and the winner will be randomly selected and announced at registration! Good luck!!:)





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