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Three Nails Workshop “Woodstock”

One of my favorite workshops ever was my “Woodstock” inspired workshop, when I decided to start doing workshops again so many of you asked if I would ever do one inspired by this theme again. I announced that I would be redoing this theme a couple of months ago and it sold out in a few hours! So Ive decided to open up a second one!  So bust out your Janis Joplin record and your flower crowns because this is going to be a workshop like never before!

This workshop will be different from most of my other workshops because this will be a REAL couple. You are going to get to see exactly how I interact and pose with an actual, real couple and I will walk you through everything Im doing from start to finish and explain why Im posing them the way I am. The other things that this will include is:

  • An engagement shoot
  • A single portrait shoot with just the bride
  • A fully styled wedding
  • Small shooting groups of no more than 5 people, I guarantee you that you WILL get the shot every time. If you didn’t I will make sure you do.
  • Tips and tricks on how to get published
  • Exactly how I style shoots
  • A portfolio review from me (if you want to, this isn’t mandatory)
  • A full photography makeup lesson where you can learn exactly how to do your own shoot makeup yourself
  • An intense editing and retouching lesson
  • My 15 part editing tutorial that you can download and rewatch as many times as you want, this way you don’t have to worry about taking notes during the editing lesson
  • Everything that I do from inquiry to delivery for all of my clients
  • Easy ways on how to gain a stronger following on social media
  • All of my settings on my camera for every shot I take
  • How to market yourself to the global industry and book clients outside of your local area
  • Use all of the photos you take to build your portfolio and social media outlets
  • Tricks on how to style shoots on a small budget
  • A walk through on how I light my sets and Ill even show you how to make your own lights
  • A full walk through on how and why I pose the models
  • Tricks on how to find trends before they actually become trends
  • How to find inspiration for shoots
  • A walk through of my contract
  • How to use my photo sharing software and booking software
  • A walk through on how to submit to a publication
  • Dinner both nights
  • And sooo much more

This workshop will be held in Shreveport, Louisiana on June 15-16. The investment is $1000 BUT Im holding a Spring Sale! So if you sign up within the 1st 24 hours, the investment is 50% off! Making this entire workshop only $500! Half is due at registration, the other half is due 30 days before the workshop. Once its full the workshop will be closed, so think fast! The registration will open on April 12th at 12pmC on the Three Nails Photography Facebook page. Once this link is posted, all you have to do is fill out the form and pay the first half and the seat is all yours! 


Im doing something I have NEVER done before for this workshop! Im not just giving away one seat, Im giving away THREE! Thats right, one lucky will will not only get a seat for just them but will also get a seat for 2 of their friends!! All you have to do to enter is share this blog post, or the announcement post on Facebook as many times as you like and the winner will be randomly selected and announced at registration! Good luck!!:)






“Being new to the industry can be ridiculously intimidating-so much you want to do and accomplish and growth that you want to see in yourself and your work and you’re not even quite sure how to get there yet…And just when you think you can’t deal with the craziness of it all, life hands you a magical unicorn in the shape of Hunter. 

I’ve got to hang out with Hunter on two occasions- A one on one mentoring session as well as a group workshop, specifically the Great Gatsby one. 

Last summer I went to my one on one session super nervous and confused and just a hot mess tbh and left with a clear head and a vision. Our one on one session gave me the confidence and skills I needed to figure shit out. Hunter gave me some goals to work towards and explained the mistakes he had made himself and how to deal with such situations, without making any of it seem unattainable. Proof of the awesomeness that happened: I ended out my year with my very first publication that wouldn’t have happened without his guidance.

The first time was so amazing I knew I had to come back so when the Gatsby workshop was announced I was on board. This workshop was so fun. I know that isn’t necessarily what people are thinking about when they think of workshops but seriously if your workshop is a boot camp and no one is laughing and enjoying themselves you’ve screwed up somewhere. When you’re around Hunter and his team you can’t help but just feel excited, and renewed. And I say the last bit because his workshops are the perfect thing for when you feel like you are lacking inspiration. You will go into this thing feeling dull and lifeless and leave brains exploding because you don’t even know where to start with all that he’s given you. From marketing skills to styling shoots to just amping up your portfolio you feel amazing and motivated. It’s been less than a week but because of this workshop I have planned my own styled shoot and can’t wait to see what I accomplish because of the tools this workshop gave me!! The greatest thing I learned from him was if you don’t like it don’t shoot it and I can’t wait to push my business more in the direction of what I want to see and book with real clients!! 

Basically- if you are ready to leave the great value aisle and hit Beyonce-ism, find this unicorn because he’s magical and you won’t regret it!”

-Naba Zabih Photography


“I’ve known Hunter for a long time and his work never ceases to amaze me. His workshops are always over the top, packed full of useful information, and he shows you all his personal editing techniques. Some mentors hold back on creative information, but Hunter is a open book. If you attend one of his workshops, be prepared to leave inspired.”

-Josh (Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Actions)


“This is my second workshop with Hunter. The first one I did was a one on one workshop. He shares the creative process of a styled shoot from start to finish. He was friendly and kept things fun.
I’ve been to other workshops and I am super impressed by how organized this workshop was even though we had about 19 photographers.
The models were absolutely beautiful and perfectly selected for the theme of this shoot.
He put so much time and effort into the sets and details created for this workshop.
I highly recommend any of his workshops for photographers looking to be inspired by skill and creativity. You will not be disappointed.”

-Shawnessy Ransom 


“Like so many others I have followed Hunters work for quite a while.. he is incredibly talented in photography and styling.. it is almost effortless. He has a great support staff-Kailey and Meka.. and was happy to share his input. My group was small so this did allow for info to be shared. I appreciated his willingness to explain his vulnerability on how he is his biggest critic.. I have always struggled with that confidence in my work and it was so comforting for someone to be REAL… but still motivational as well… he didn’t sugar coat the process.. from beginning to end he explained how things can and will go wrong.. but he stayed true to this passion we all flock to him to see.. As advertised he did 3 styles shoots and the models were exceptional.. I did learn a lot and will put it into practice. I don’t live far so I as I progress I hope to attend again. I recommend this workshop.. he will definitely not disappoint.”

-Shannon Fender


“Hunter is an amazing and talented photographer. He has a true talent with pulling his visions into reality. I appreciate his creativity on a budget and being so down to earth with his sets. He is an open book when it comes to teaching. He answers any and all questions honestly. It’s clear he isn’t threatened by training competition and that is why this workshop is the best one you’ll ever attend. You’ll leave feeling inspired and like you’ve made a new life long friend. Even though he already has a million”

-Rachel Langlois Photography


“This workshop along with another workshop that I went to from Hunter’s was a dream. I love how I feel refreshed creatively after his workshops and being surrounded by like-minded amazing photographers to inspire me! Each time I have gone to one of his workshops I have left with a new technique up my sleeve and an added confidence. He answers all of your questions thoughtfully and is an incredibly nice and patient teacher. I love his scenes and how much work he puts into each set to blow our minds! It’s always one a kind and I’ve never seen anything like it in my photography career.”

-Endless Exposures Photography


“This was my second workshop by Hunter, and I was blown away. It was an amazing experience. We got to see how he sets up a styled shoot, how to get published, how to do full photo shoot makeup, and a lot more. He went over everything he does to edit, and answered any questions we had about anything. He was very open and honest about his process. He also was very friendly, talking and joking with us the whole time. It’s so worth the investment because you learn about posing, getting published, lighting, setting up a styled shoot, and more. Hunter is genuine and very talented. Learning how he does things and watching him shoot and set things up was invaluable. My business doubled from the last workshop and I can’t wait to see the benefits from this one. I’ll be coming back as soon as possible. I drove over 2,000 miles in 4 days to attend this workshop, and I’d do it again tomorrow. My passion for photography is reignited and I feel creatively refreshed. I feel confident that I can get where I want to go because of his candid and honest way of teaching. He makes everything so simple and easy to understand, and makes sure everyone understands. He’s also super fun to hang out with. It was 100% worth everything I put into it because the benefits far outweigh the price of going.”

-Jessa Cook


“I attended Hunter’s Workshop this past week and left with everything I had hoped for and some! Hunter is a great host/teacher, more than anything, I appreciated his honesty and straight forward way of teaching. I love his point of view & creativity. I am even more inspired now and look forward to continue to grow in photography. I will definitely take another course from him and would recommend others to do so as well.”

-Mayaa Photography


“Hunter is the most kind and creative soul I have yet to meet on my photography journey! I’ve gone to two of his workshops and both have been an amazing experience. I feel so inspired after! 100% recommend attending one (or many!) of his workshops!”

-Paige Wilken 



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